LibGDX – what it can actually do? what are its capabilities?

As a hobby/indie developer I find the most problematic not the fact that I don’t know how to code something. The bigger issue is that I am not aware what is actually possible – especially when using game engines (whose existence and ease to use was an eye opener for me). How can I google something and add it to my projects, if I don’t realize it exists in the first place?

For my puzzle game, I have decided to use LibGDX engine as it is cross-platform (i.e. with almost the same code you can deploy the game for Android, iOS, web and desktop) and uses Java.

Here is the list of things LibGDX can do that I am aware of – in laymen terms. Are you able to add anything else to the list?


  • loading from an image file, e.g. “.png”
  • drawing, rotating, scaling
  • adding animations, e.g. move to, scale by, rotate by
  • grouping the sprites together and applying transpositions to the whole group
  • creating sprite images by drawing lines, filled rectangles, circles etc.

Layouts (tables):

  • aligning widgets in rows, columns, cells
  • merging cells
  • padding
  • debug mode which draws the boundaries of the cells and widgets

Different widgets:

  • label
  • button – with different graphics for pressed and released states
  • slider
  • list
  • dropdown
  • scrollbar
  • checkbox
  • option box

Camera (displaying part of the scene):

  • zooming in and out
  • orthographic and perspective


  • touch and gestures handling


  • playing sounds (plus more than one at a time)
  • playing background music (plus looping)


  • using true type “.ttf” files
  • using bitmap fonts

Integration with Tiled (creation of worlds built with tiles):

  • adding triggers, e.g. playing sound when the character reaches a certain point
  • adding placeholders for items, enemies etc.

Physics by implementing Box2d (adding forces to the sprites to make them move and interact with each other):

  • gravitation
  • collision detection
  • dynamic and static items
  • friction
  • torque


  • Something to explore by me…


  • Storing the state of the game

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LibGDX – what it can actually do? what are its capabilities?

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