(Gimp) Drawing a 3D cube

In the app stores there might be hundred applications performing tasks similar to yours. How can you lure a user browsing the search results to click your app?

One very important thing is to create an appealing icon. Imagine the logo of your current app looks like this:


Plain, flat, unattractive, boring. Not many users will click on it. Even if your application is the best you might not get much interest.

It turns out that pimping it up is not that difficult – just add some 3D to it!

I will use GIMP for this purpose, which can be downloaded for free. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open a picture in GIMP – ideally a square one. If you want to have different pictures on each of the sides open all of them.
  2. Press Filters -> Map -> Map object.
  3. In the “Options” tab choose “Box” in “Map to” dropdown. You should see the following popup:

3d cube - Map to object

  1. If you have a fast machine you can tick “Update preview live” to see the changes you are making.
  2. Tick “Transparent background”.
  3. Go to “Orientation” tab and play with the X, Y and Z sliders in the “Rotation” section. Click “Preview” to see the result.

3d cube - Preview

  1. Adjust the Y slider in “Position” section if you think the cube is too close to the bottom edge or when its corner has been cut.
  2. You can scale the picture by adjusting the sliders in the “Box” tab.
  3. If you decided to have different pictures on each of the sides select them in corresponding dropdowns in the “Map Images to Box Faces” in the “Box” tab.
  4. Once you are happy click “OK”.

Here is the final effect I have used as an icon for Flexi Dice – my fully customisable dice roller – looks quite well for a 5 minute job!


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(Gimp) Drawing a 3D cube

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