How to properly share link to your app?

If you are adding a “share” button to your app, ideally you will want to share a link to the store, so that the friends of your user would not have to look for it- e.g.

This approach has two main drawbacks:

  1. The url is quite long – definitely it cannot be remembered
  2. What happens if your app is also available in the Apple store? You don’t want your iOS users to be sent to Google Store (the whole universe might explode).

The solution is to create a landing page (if you have an access to a web server) and have the links to Google and Apple stores there – have a look at

When your user shares this link via Facebook the following will appear:

Linking to rst

and the final post would look like this:

Linking to rst 2

It will have:

  1. A picture attracting attention – first picture on the linked website
  2. Description of what it is – this is the title of the linked website (text between <title> and </title> tags).
  3. Clicking it will send the user to where she will be able to click the proper store and download the game.

Initially I wanted to use the link to “” as I thought it looks nicer. However, I have noticed that then the pictures and description are sourced from instead which defies the purpose.

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How to properly share link to your app?

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