Libgdx – Adding Hiero in Eclipse

In Libgdx you can’t simply display text like “Hello World” in Times New Roman, size 12 – you can only display bitmaps. Therefore in order to present the aforementioned phrase you have to display a bitmap with capital “H”, then lowercase “o” and so on, of the desired size and font.

But where to get such bitmaps from?

One of the solutions is to use a tool called Hiero:


You add it when installing Libgdx by ticking the “Tools”:

installing hiero

What happens if you have forgotten to tick it when installing Libgdx?

In Eclipse:

  1. Go to the main project folder (so the one without “-android”, “-desktop”, “-ios” or “-html”) and open “build.gradle” file.
  2. Find

in section

  1. Add
compile "com.badlogicgames.gdx:gdx-tools:$gdxVersion"
  1. Select all your projects -> Right-click -> Gradle -> Refresh All
  2. Run Hiero by right-clicking your desktop project -> Run As -> Java Application -> Hiero

This is it!

If you want to use LibGDX’s built-in dialogs you need to use the skins which require font file prepared already in e.g. .png format. For Ready Steady Teddy, my puzzle game I used Hiero to generate font files for this dialog:

hiero usage

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Libgdx – Adding Hiero in Eclipse

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