I am a finance professional with 10 years of experience, who has decided to sacrifice his free time in order to start shifting his career.

And what is better than mobile apps development?

I am over 30 now, so bit old comparing to all those young IT prodigies who have been born with LAN cables instead of umbilical cords. I am struggling with many things that other developers find obvious.

Therefore I want to make your life easier (should you decide to follow my path) by posting short tutorials, code snippets, hint that now look easy, but took me hours to google.

I wish I had started this blog couple months earlier at the beginning of my journey, so that I could share with you all that I have learned in order. I will be posting about the current events, however I will try to back-fill the most important things – hopefully I will be able to accurately bring them back from memory. Let me know if you are particularly interested in anything, so that I could prioritize it.

This blog is complimented by How I made gazillions on-line, however it will be more technical (i.e. more geeky).




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