Table of contents


Android – Playing sounds and running a code after finishing
Android – reading and writing text files
Android – sharing message via Facebook, e-mail, sms and others


Robovm – Testing app on iPhone 6 and other simulators


LibGDX – what it can actually do? what are its capabilities?
Libgdx – Drawing a rounded rectangle Pixmap
Libgdx – drawing text using truetype fonts
Libgdx – Adding Hiero in Eclipse


PHP – Retrieving app ratings from Google Play and App Store by means of parsing


Facebook SDK – Why onComplete is never run in case of newMeRequest, newGraphPathRequest etc.?


(Gimp) Drawing a 3D cube
How to properly share link to your app?

My projects

Collide the Cubes. Use your telekinetic powers as a defence against falling cubes!
Seven Squares. Move and merge the squares to get as many points as possible!
Ready Steady Teddy. What is the next bear? A challenging puzzle game that will bring a smile to your face.
FlexiDice – a fully customisable dice roller (Android)
xl2048 – 2048 in Excel – camouflaged as financial statements! (Desktop)


Why developerover30?


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